This practical, easy-to-read book explores the basics of parenting gifted children, truly giving parents the "introductory course" they need to better understand and help their gifted child. Topics include myths about gifted children, characteristics of the gifted, the hows and whys of advocacy, social and emotional issues and needs, strategies for partnering with your child's school, and more. Parenting Gifted Children 101 explores ways for you to help your child at home and maximize your child's educational experience with strategies that are based on research, but easy to implement. Each chapter—from parenting twice-exceptional students to navigating the possible challenges that school may hold for your child—contains resources for further reading and insights from more than 50 parents and educators of gifted children.

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented 2017 Legacy Book Award Winner - Parenting

chapter chapter 1|13 pages

What Does Gifted Mean?

chapter chapter 2|9 pages

What Are the Myths About Gifted Children?

chapter chapter 3|16 pages

What Does a Gifted Child Look Like?

chapter chapter 5|30 pages

What Should School Look Like for My Child?

chapter chapter 6|22 pages

What Challenges Might School Hold for My Child?

chapter chapter 8|11 pages

What Can I Do at Home to Help My Child?

chapter chapter 9|17 pages

What Does It Mean to Be Twice Exceptional?

chapter chapter 10|10 pages

Where Can I Find More Information?