Polygons Galore! is a mathematics unit for high-ability learners in grades 3-5 focusing on 2-D and 3-D components of geometry by exploring polygons and polyhedra and their properties. The van Hiele levels of geometric understanding provide conceptual underpinnings for unit activities. The unit consists of nine lessons that include student discovery of properties of polygons and polyhedra, investigations for finding areas of triangles and quadrilaterals, study of the Platonic solids, and real-world applications of polygons and polyhedra. It also includes activities related to identifying, comparing, and analyzing polygons by using properties of the polygons; constructing meanings for geometric terms; developing strategies to find areas of specific polygons; identifying and building regular and nonregular polyhedra; and recognizing geometric ideas and relationships as applied in daily life and in other disciplines, such as art.

Grades 3-5

part I|7 pages


chapter |2 pages

Introduction to the Unit

chapter |2 pages


chapter |3 pages

Unit Glossary

part II|3 pages

Background for Teachers

part III|96 pages

Lesson Plans

chapter |7 pages


chapter Lesson 1|10 pages

Classifying Triangles

chapter Lesson 2|14 pages

Properties of Quadrilaterals

chapter Lesson 3|12 pages

Areas of Triangles

chapter Lesson 4|13 pages

Areas of Parallelograms and Kites

chapter Lesson 5|7 pages

Areas of Trapezoids

chapter Lesson 6|4 pages

Perimeter vs. Area in Rectangles

chapter Lesson 7|8 pages

Polygon Patterns

chapter Lesson 8|7 pages

The Particulars of Polyhedra

chapter Lesson 9|6 pages

Geometry Beyond the Textbook

chapter |7 pages