If your students like Red Hot Root Words, they are going to love Rockin' Root Words, an exciting twist on vocabulary development! In these comprehensive books, students will enjoy learning the roots, suffixes, and prefixes of more than 500 common vocabulary, words presented in an easy-to-follow style that utilizes visual learning and word maps to enhance student comprehension and memory.

By teaching students word parts using word webs, graphic organizers, and cartoons, teachers can ensure that every student in their classroom understands the basics of vocabulary development. Book 1 is focused on vocabulary for grades 3-5 and covers a variety of topics, including numbers, colors, family and relationships, location and distance, and scientific vocabulary.

Grades 3-5

chapter Chapter 1|14 pages


chapter Chapter 2|12 pages

Quantifiers and Size

chapter Chapter 3|10 pages


chapter Chapter 4|22 pages

Location, Directions, and Relationships

chapter Chapter 5|15 pages

Shapes, Colors, Qualities

chapter Chapter 6|20 pages

Bodily Structures and Senses

chapter Chapter 7|16 pages

Self, Family, and Home Life

chapter Chapter 8|16 pages

Education, Fine Arts, and Sports

chapter Chapter 9|12 pages

Building and Construction

chapter Chapter 10|15 pages

Word Endings, or Suffixes