Splash! is a mathematics unit for high-ability learners in kindergarten and first grade focusing on concepts related to linear measurement, the creativity elements of fluency and flexibility, and the overarching, interdisciplinary concept of models. The unit consists of 13 lessons centered on the idea of designing a community pool. Students examine the question of why we measure, the importance of accuracy in measurement, and the various units and tools of measurement. The unit presents a hands-on, constructivist approach, allowing children to build their knowledge base and their skills as they explore mathematical ideas through play and planned investigations. Students are involved in creative and critical thinking, problem solving, process skill development, and communication.

Grades K-1

part One


chapter |12 pages

Introduction to the Unit

chapter |2 pages

Unit Materials

chapter |1 pages


chapter |3 pages

Unit Glossary

part Two|67 pages

Lesson Plans

chapter Lesson 1|5 pages


chapter Lesson 2|6 pages


chapter Lesson 3|11 pages


chapter Lesson 4|4 pages

Comparing and Ordering Objects

chapter Lesson 5|3 pages


chapter Lesson 11|3 pages

Linear Measurement: Appropriate Units and Tools

chapter Lesson 12|6 pages

Measuring Perimeter

chapter Lesson 13|5 pages


part Three|4 pages

Unit Extension and Resources