Reginald Van Feisty, owner of the world-famous chocolate factory, Dutch Delight Chocolates, is excited about his brand-new recipe for chocolate. But, before he can manufacture even the first chocolate bar, the recipe is stolen! Have your students discover who stole Van Feisty's famous chocolate recipe and they'll not only be great detectives, they'll be masters of logical thinking. There are nine suspects, but which one is guilty? This mystery becomes a vehicle for teaching logical thinking. In solving the mystery, students will: differentiate between valid conclusions and invalid assumptions, use syllogisms to reach valid assumptions, recognize false premises, solve deductive matrix puzzles, and decode a secret message.

Grades 5-8

chapter |2 pages


part |14 pages

Lesson Plans

chapter Lesson Plan 1|2 pages

The Chocolate Recipe

chapter Lesson Plan 2|2 pages

Evidence at the Crime Scene

chapter Lesson Plan 3|1 pages


chapter Lesson Plan 4|1 pages


chapter Lesson Plan 5|1 pages

Making Generalizations

chapter Lesson Plan 6|1 pages

The Alibis

chapter Lesson Plan 7|2 pages

Corroborating an Alibi

chapter Lesson Plan 8|1 pages

A Secret Message

chapter Lesson Plan 9|1 pages

Who done it?

chapter |1 pages


part |28 pages

Student Pages for Lessons

chapter Lesson 1.1|1 pages

Does Chocolate Really Grow on Trees?

chapter Lesson 2.1|1 pages

Secret Recipe Stolen

chapter Lesson 2.2|1 pages

Evidence Found at the Scene of the Crime

chapter Lesson 2.3|1 pages

Two Kinds of Assumptions

chapter Lesson 2.4|2 pages

More Valid Assumptions

chapter Lesson 3.1|4 pages

Possible Suspects List

chapter Lesson 4.1|1 pages

Fingerprint Analysis

chapter Lesson 4.2|1 pages

Make your Own Prints

chapter Lesson 5.1|2 pages

Dangerous Generalizations

chapter Lesson 5.2|1 pages

Enough Evidence?

chapter Lesson 6.1|1 pages


chapter Lesson 6.2|2 pages

Are there Any Holes?

chapter Lesson 6.3|1 pages

False Premises

chapter Lesson 7.1|1 pages

At the Diner

chapter Lesson 7.2|1 pages

Second Alibi

chapter Lesson 7.3|1 pages


chapter Lesson 8.1|1 pages

Facts about the Message

chapter Lesson 8.2|1 pages

The Message

chapter Lesson 8.3|2 pages

A Key to Decoding

chapter Lesson 9.1|1 pages

Notes from Detective Abel

part |22 pages

Practice Puzzles

chapter Practice Puzzle 1|1 pages

Suspects Questioned

chapter Practice Puzzle 2|1 pages

Who Questioned Whom?

chapter Practice Puzzle 3|1 pages

Suspects' Appearances

chapter Practice Puzzle 4|1 pages

Birth Months

chapter Practice Puzzle 5|1 pages

Police Talk

chapter Practice Puzzle 6|1 pages

Where they're from

chapter Practice Puzzle 7|1 pages

Salty and his Reunion

chapter Practice Puzzle 8|1 pages

Pizza but No Chocolate

chapter Practice Puzzle 9|1 pages

Police Report—Middle Names

chapter Practice Puzzle 10|1 pages

Years in the City

chapter Practice Puzzle 11|1 pages

Traffic Violations

chapter Practice Puzzle 12|1 pages

Identifying Marks

chapter Practice Puzzle 13|1 pages

What they were Wearing

chapter Practice Puzzle 14|1 pages

Hobbies and Awards

chapter Practice Puzzle 15|1 pages

Distance to the Police Station

chapter Practice Puzzle 16|1 pages

Home Sweet Home

chapter Practice Puzzle 17|1 pages

House Exteriors

chapter Practice Puzzle 18|1 pages

Shoestring Mall

chapter Practice Puzzle 19|1 pages

Food Court

chapter Practice Puzzle 20|1 pages

Factory Row

chapter Practice Puzzle 21|1 pages

Second Floor at the Chocolate Factory