Using the Schoolwide Enrichment Model With Technology is an extension of a talent development model implemented in more than 2,500 schools across the U.S. and widely used internationally. More than 40 years of research and development have documented the effectiveness of the SEM approach to promoting higher level thinking skills and creative productivity.

This solution-oriented book, unlike other books focused on using technology in the classroom, recognizes that digital technologies are changing and evolving at lightning speeds. Our effective skills for using technology transcend time by focusing on how to find and use digital resources and tools rather than listing the resources that already exist. Focusing on the skills that support critical thinking and problem solving, decision making, and communication, the authors seamlessly merge technology to launch students toward independent productivity. This accessible and highly practical guide is rich with examples that will change the way you think about education while providing hands-on “how-to” guidance for creating a culture of excellence and innovation in your school and classroom.

part Part 1|55 pages

Getting Started

chapter Chapter 1|20 pages

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM)

chapter Chapter 2|15 pages

From the SEM to Using Technology

chapter Chapter 3|17 pages

Who Are Your Students?

part Part II|182 pages

Technology Enhancements for the Enrichment Triad Model

chapter Chapter 4|11 pages

Type I—Curiosity and Exposure

chapter Chapter 5|24 pages

Type I—Engaging Students

chapter Chapter 6|22 pages

Type I—Connecting to Student Understanding

chapter Chapter 7|12 pages

Type I—Student Experiences

chapter Chapter 8|11 pages

Type II—Technology Processes

chapter Chapter 9|20 pages

Type II—Technology Skills

chapter Chapter 10|47 pages

Type II—Processes and Skills in Action

chapter Chapter 11|21 pages

Type III—Investigations of Real Problems

chapter Chapter 12|8 pages

Type III—Student Initiative and Productivity

part Part III|25 pages

Putting the Pieces Together

chapter Chapter 13|15 pages

From the Enrichment Triad Model to the Classroom

chapter Chapter 14|7 pages

Casting a Future Plan