The Overweight Mind and Body is a self-help guide to understanding the psychological issues that lead to overeating and weight gain.

The book enables the reader to discover the psychological drives that lead to unwanted weight and to find ways of meeting those drives other than with food. It introduces a simple, user-friendly theory of Transactional Analysis to promote weight-related self-awareness. The author includes exercises that empower readers to uncover their own stories. She understands that, for many, carrying extra weight is emotionally and physically painful and so gently encourages readers to explore at their own level. She uses case studies to demonstrate the many unconscious influences on one’s eating and how, when people discover and resolve these influences, they no longer need extra food. Reading them shows that "you are not alone".

This book will also be of interest to, and a useful guide for, practitioners in the caring professions who work with clients struggling with eating and overweight.

part Part 1|28 pages

The foundations of your journey towards understanding and change

part Part II|106 pages

Your unique psychological journey towards understanding and weight loss