Empowering organizations to thrive, this book provides a clear diagnostic framework, with specific approaches and processes that leaders can use to build a negotiation function that will succeed each and every time.

Negotiation is a required skill and a core competency, but most organizations focus exclusively on individual negotiation skills and abilities and pay little attention to the internal culture and environment that shapes and guides these individuals.  This book takes a dramatically different approach to building success in each and every negotiation, producing results that align with organizational strategy at all levels. 

Professionals in sales, procurement and supply chain, human resources, change management, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, start-ups, construction partnering, and more, as well as training consultants and students of business and law, will value a text that understands how to build negotiation skills and capability across the organization by aligning individual skills with an evidence-based approach that actually works. 

    1. The Negotiation Assessment Tool. 2. Negotiation as Art and Science. 3. An Overview of the Negotiation Capability Model. 4. Level 2 of the Negotiation Capability Model -- Repeatable Competence. 5. Level 3 of the Negotiation Capability Model -- Adaptive Flexibility. 6. Level 4 of the Negotiation Capability Model -- Optimized Performance. 7. Implementing Alignment - Mapping the Journey. 8. Many Forms of Success - The Negotiation Capability Model Applied. 9. Tools and Guides for Assessment, Planning and Reflection. 10. A Curated List of Resources