In the first major update to this classic book in many years, Collins traces the history and contours of Black women’s ideas and actions to argue that Black feminist thought is the discourse that fosters Black women’s survival, persistence, and success against the odds. Through meticulous research that synthesizes the important intellectual work done by Black women, Collins’s timely update demonstrates that Black women’s ideas and actions are not marginal concerns but rather are central to the future of social justice within democratic societies.

The combination of the text’s classic arguments and a preface and epilogue written expressly for this edition speak to people who have long been working on social justice and to a new generation of readers who are encountering the ideas and actions of Black women for the first time.

For this 30th year anniversary edition, Patricia Hill Collins examines how the ideas in this classic text speak to contemporary social issues and identifies the directions needed for the future of Black feminist thought.

part I|57 pages

The Social Construction of Black Feminist Thought

chapter Chapter 1|25 pages

The Politics of Black Feminist Thought

chapter Chapter 2|30 pages

Distinguishing Features of Black Feminist Thought

part II|230 pages

Core Themes in Black Feminist Thought

chapter Chapter 3|29 pages

Work, Family, and Black Women's Oppression

chapter Chapter 4|37 pages

Mammies, Matriarchs, and Other Controlling Images

chapter Chapter 5|33 pages

The Power of Self-Definition

chapter Chapter 6|33 pages

The Sexual Politics of Black Womanhood

chapter Chapter 7|31 pages

Black Women's Love Relationships

chapter Chapter 8|34 pages

Black Women and Motherhood

chapter Chapter 9|31 pages

Rethinking Black Women's Activism

part III|104 pages

Black Feminism, Knowledge, and Power

chapter Chapter 10|28 pages

U.S. Black Feminism in a Transnational Context

chapter Chapter 11|27 pages

Black Feminist Epistemology

chapter Chapter 12|22 pages

Toward a Politics of Empowerment

chapter |25 pages

Epilogue: The Power of Ideas