This practical guide to online teaching is for kindergarten teachers and primary or elementary teachers. It is based on research, teacher interviews, and the author’s real-world experience working in online education, as both a teacher and a trainer.

Macur signposts relevant research and gives examples of key themes, tools, and ideas that can be applied in everyday teaching. These include a range of fundamental aspects of the online environment, with chapters covering online platforms, classroom management, student engagement, and feedback. It offers tried-and-tested exercises, takeaways, and reflective questions to give the reader numerous moments to consider how they will use, adapt, and develop these tools and integrate them into their own teaching practice.

Teaching Online for Kindergarten and Primary Teachers is a clear, informative, and pragmatic book for all educators and students to deepen their knowledge and prepare them for teaching online and delivering effective online education like a professional.

chapter 1|7 pages


chapter 2|15 pages

Platforms you can use

chapter 3|18 pages

Classroom management online

chapter 4|20 pages

Online student engagement

chapter 6|15 pages

Working with parents online

chapter 7|11 pages

Big classes, small classes, and 1-to-1

chapter 8|14 pages

Error correction and feedback online

chapter 9|15 pages

Assessment – assessing students online

chapter 10|12 pages

Online student welfare and wellbeing

chapter 13|3 pages

What to take from this book

chapter |2 pages

Final note