Originally published in 1957 and forming a companion volume to The Balavariani, this volume provides valuable research into the biography of Gautama Buddha and its influence on medieval Christian thought. This work, the romance of Barlaam and Josaphat, was included by Caxton in The Golden Legend and inspired the episode of the Caskets in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice; its heroes were venerated as Saints. Over a century ago, however, the legend was finally identified as an adaptation of episodes from the life and ministry of the Buddha. The first part of the book is devoted to tracing the development and migration of the Barlaam and Josaphat legend from its original Buddhist environment to the West. The second part is a translation of the Georgian text – the first published in any Western European language. The volume therefore gives one of the oldest Near Eastern versions of the story.

part Part One|57 pages

From Bodhisattva to Saint Josaphat

chapter Chapter I|13 pages

The Indian Background

chapter Chapter II|6 pages

The Manichaean Evidence

chapter Chapter III|10 pages

The Arabic Versions

chapter Chapter IV|16 pages

The Georgian Versions

part Part Two|56 pages

The Wisdom of Balahvar

chapter |3 pages

Fable the First

The Trumpet of Death: The Four Caskets

chapter |1 pages

Fable the Second

The Sower

chapter |2 pages

Fable the Third

The Man and the Elephant

chapter |2 pages

Fable the Fourth

The Man and his Three Friends

chapter |2 pages

Fable the Fifth

The King for One Year

chapter |3 pages

Fable the Sixth

The King and the Happy Poor Couple

chapter |2 pages

Fable the Seventh

The Rich Touth and the Poor Maiden

chapter |8 pages

Fable the Eighth

The Fowler and the Nightingale

chapter |15 pages

Fable the Ninth

The Tame Gazelle

chapter |2 pages

Fable the Tenth

The Amorous Wife

chapter |12 pages

Fable the Eleventh

The Youth who had never seen a Woman

part |2 pages

Further Fables of Balahvar

chapter |1 pages

Dogs and Carrion

chapter |1 pages

Physician and Patient

chapter |1 pages

The Sun of Wisdom