Populism is on the rise across the globe. Authoritarian populist leaders have taken over and solidified their control over many countries. Their power has been cemented during the global coronavirus pandemic, though perhaps the defeat of populist-in-chief Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential election (despite his continuing protestations to the contrary) has seen the start of the waning of this phenomenon?

In the UK Brexit is 'done'; Britain is firmly out of the EU; Covid is vaccinated against; and Boris Johnson has a huge parliamentary majority and, despite never-ending problems, of his own and others' making, his grip on power with a parliamentary majority of more than 80, still seems secure. Meanwhile culture wars continue to rage.

How has media, worldwide, contributed, fulled or fought this populism. Cheerleaders? Critics? Supplicants?

This book examines those questions in 360 degrees with a distinguished cast of authors from journalism and academia.

chapter |3 pages


Journalism under pressure but still a force for good

part Section two|57 pages

UK politics and the media

part Section six|68 pages

The new populism and the media