First Published in 1936, Industrial Employment and Unemployment in West Yorkshire presents the trends of employment and unemployment on the basis of official statistics. West Yorkshire is in many respects a representative British industrial region. Though not enjoying as great prosperity as London and the South Midlands, it has escaped the severe depression experienced in Lancashire, South Wales, Scotland, and the North of England. The position in the predepression years, the magnitude of the depression and the course of the recovery are brought under review. These changes inevitably affect the industrial structure of an area. An estimate is made of the surplus of labour in the area and of the possibility of reabsorbing this surplus into industry. This book is an essential archival resource for scholars and researchers of British economy, labour economics, labour history and economics in general.

chapter I|4 pages


chapter II|17 pages

The Area Under Review

chapter III|9 pages

General Trend of Employment and Unemployment

chapter IV|2 pages

Trends in Chief Towns 1

chapter V|8 pages

Expanded and Contracted Industries

chapter VI|41 pages

Review of Chief Industries

chapter VII|3 pages

The Age Factor in Unemployment

chapter VIII|3 pages

Duration of Unemployment

chapter X|7 pages

Juvenile Employment and Unemployment

chapter XI|6 pages