Navigating Digital Transformation in Management provides a thorough introduction to the implications of digital transformation for leaders and managers. The book clearly outlines what new or enhanced roles and activities digital transformation requires of them. The book takes a practical approach and shapes an actionable guide that students can take with them into their future careers as managers themselves.

With core theoretical grounding, the book explains how the digital transformation imperative requires all organizations to continuously undertake digital business transformation to adapt to ongoing digital disruption and to effectively compete as digital businesses. The book discusses the critical roles managers need to play in establishing, facilitating, and accelerating the day-to-day activities required to build and continuously upgrade these capabilities.

Drawing on cutting edge research, this textbook:

  • Explains how digital technology advancements drive digital disruption and why digital business transformation and operating as a digital business are critical to organization survival
  • Unpacks the different digital business capabilities required to effectively compete as a digital business
  • Considers the new or digitally enhanced competencies required of leaders, managers, and their supporting professionals to effectively play their roles in digital transformation
  • Discusses how leaders, managers, and their supporting professionals can keep up with digital technology advancements
  • Unpacks key digital technology advancements, providing a plain language understanding of what they are, how they work, and their implications for organizations

Enriched with pedagogical features to support understanding and reinforce learning, such as reflective questions, learning summaries, and case studies, and supported by a suite of instructor materials, this textbook is an ideal choice for teachers that want to enable their information systems, information technology, and digital business students to compete and thrive in the contemporary business environment.

part I|63 pages

Digital Disruption and the Digital Transformation Imperative

chapter Chapter 1|8 pages

Need for This Book and Research for This Book

chapter Chapter 2|16 pages

Getting Out of the Digital Terminology Zoo

chapter Chapter 3|18 pages

Understanding Digital Disruption

part II|53 pages

Forming and Executing Digital Transformation Strategy

chapter Chapter 5|29 pages

Forming Digital Transformation Strategy

chapter Chapter 6|21 pages

Executing Digital Transformation Strategy

part III|51 pages

Leadership and Management of Digital Transformation

part IV|104 pages

Understanding Digital Business Capabilities

part V|191 pages

Understanding Digital Technologies

chapter Chapter 17|16 pages

Data, Big Data, and Data Management Primer

chapter Chapter 20|16 pages

Artificial Intelligence Primer

chapter Chapter 24|12 pages

Robots and Robotics Primer

chapter Chapter 25|15 pages

Drones Primer

chapter Chapter 26|11 pages

3D and 4D Printing Primer

chapter Chapter 27|7 pages

6G, 5G, 4G, LTE, and Other Cellular Networks Primer