Originally published in 1966, this was the first of Muhammad ‘Abduh’s works to be translated into English. Risālat al Tauhid represents the most popular of his discussion of Islamic thought and belief. ‘Abduh is still quoted and revered as the father of 20th Century Muslim thinking in the Arab world and his mind, here accessible, constituted both courageous and strenuous leadership in his day. All the concerns and claims of successive exponents of duty and meaning of the mosque in the modern world may be sensed in these pages. The world and Islam have moved on since ‘Abduh’s lifetime, but he remains a source for the historian of contemporary movements and a valuable index to the self-awareness of Arab Islam.

chapter Chapter 1|12 pages


Definition of TauḥĪd the Meaning and Source of the Term

chapter Chapter 2|4 pages

The Categories of Knowledge

chapter Chapter 3|8 pages

The Principles of the Necessarily Existing

chapter Chapter 4|4 pages

The Divine Attributes

chapter Chapter 5|5 pages

The Acts of God Most High

chapter Chapter 6|14 pages

The Deeds of Man

chapter Chapter 7|5 pages

The Prophet as the Helper

chapter Chapter 8|13 pages

Man's Need of Prophetic Mission

chapter Chapter 9|5 pages

The Possibility of Relevation

chapter Chapter 10|10 pages

Revelation and Mission in their Actuality

chapter Chapter 11|9 pages

The Mission and Message of Muḥammad

chapter Chapter 12|5 pages

The Qur'ān

chapter Chapter 13|9 pages

The Islamic Religion, or Islam

chapter Chapter 14|10 pages

Religions and Human Progress: their Culmination in Islam

chapter Chapter 15|9 pages

The Expansion of Islam: its Unparalleled Speed

chapter Chapter 16|4 pages

A Ready Objection

chapter Chapter 17|4 pages

Accepting the Truth of Muḥammad's Message

chapter |2 pages