The Teaching and Learning Playbook is a book and online resource containing more than 100 techniques that teachers and school leaders can use to drive improvements in their schools. Each technique includes a summary of what the technique is, why it is important, the effect size and a four-step guide to how it should be performed. The Playbook provides a unique tool for teachers to identify how they can improve their teaching, and practise with absolute clarity on what they need to do next. All techniques are accompanied by a video to show the technique in action and spotlight the four key elements with detailed audio commentary to make it easier for teachers to replicate. These can all be found on the website: www.teachingandlearningplaybook.com

Codifying the key skills for every teacher to get better and for every school leader to drive improvements in their school, the Playbook covers:

  • Routines for Learning
  • Questioning and Checking for Understanding
  • Modelling, Explaining and Feeding Back
  • Resilience, Independence and Retrieval
  • Curriculum
  • Beyond the Subject Classroom

This essential resource provides a clear framework for teachers and school leaders to improve teaching and learning. Simple to use and easily integrated into CPD and coaching programmes, the Playbook will take your teaching to the next level.

chapter |7 pages


The Teaching and Learning Playbook

chapter |45 pages

Why don't teachers get better?

How the Playbook can help you overcome the seven main barriers to teacher development

chapter 1|33 pages

Routines for Learning

chapter 2|37 pages

Questioning and Checking for Understanding

chapter 3|38 pages

Modelling, Explaining and Feeding Back

chapter 4|43 pages

Resilience, Independence and Retrieval

chapter 5|19 pages


chapter 6|21 pages

Beyond the Subject Classroom