Medium-Sized Cities in the Age of Globalisation provides a brand-new perspective on academic discussions of globalisation through exploring urban development outside of select global cities including Paris, Tokyo, and London, and instead focuses on medium-sized cities in the context of a globalising world.

Combining the author’s expertise with extensive research, this book fills a gap in the scholarly debate on globalisation and urban development, with chapters of the book giving detailed insight on urban governance and economy, local identity, and urban representation. Through a range of visual sources including maps, tables and graphs, the book is applicable and accessible, and offers a specialised analysis of medium-sized cities through assessing urban regeneration policies as well as promotional activities and their role in promoting positive change in an era of great inter-urban competition.

This book contains valuable historical insights and is excellent specialised material for scholars and postgraduate students in the disciplines of Urban History, Urban Studies and Geography, as well as being a significant source for professionals working in urban planning and place promotion

chapter 1|19 pages


Globalisation and urban change

chapter 3|36 pages

The urban economy and inner cities

chapter 5|32 pages

Place promotion and urban representation

chapter 6|13 pages


Re-evaluating the impact of globalisation