What can concerned parents and carers do to ensure their children, of all ages, develop great learning habits which will help them achieve their maximum at school and in life? This is probably one of the most important questions any parent can ask and now John Hattie, one of the most respected and renowned Education researchers in the world draws on his globally famous Visible Learning research to provide some answers.

Writing this book with his own son Kyle, himself a respected teacher, the Hatties offer a 10-step plan to nurturing curiosity and intellectual ambition and providing a home environment that encourages and values learning. These simple steps based on the strongest of research evidence and packed full of practical advice can be followed by any parent or carer to support and enhance learning and maximize the potential of their children. Areas covered include:

  • Communicating effectively with teachers
  • Being the ‘first learner’ and demonstrating openness to new ideas and thinking
  • Choosing the right school for your child
  • Promoting the ‘language of learning’
  • Having appropriately high expectations and understanding the power of feedback

Anyone concerned about the education and development of our children should read this book. For parents it is an essential guide that could make a vital difference to your child's life. For schools, school leaders and education authorities this is a book you should be encouraging every parent to read to support learning and maximize opportunities for all.

part I|42 pages

Setting the scene

chapter Mind Frame 1|8 pages

I have appropriately high expectations

chapter Mind Frame 3|16 pages

I am not alone

part II|45 pages

The foundations to develop learners

chapter Mind Frame 4|21 pages

I develop my child's skill, will, and sense of thrill

chapter Mind Frame 5|14 pages

I love learning

part III|32 pages

Learning and schooling

chapter Mind Frame 7|20 pages

I am a parent, not a teacher

chapter Mind Frame 8|10 pages

I expose my child to language, language, language

part IV|25 pages

The big-picture story

chapter Mind Frame 9|12 pages

I appreciate that my child is not perfect, nor am I

chapter Mind Frame 10|11 pages

I am an evaluator of my impact