Get inspired, learn from others, and reflect on the joy of making a difference with Educating the Gifted: Wisdom and Insights for Inspired Teaching.

Covering topics such as identification, equity in access and opportunity, teacher growth, advocacy, and more, this book shares moments of joy, practical strategies, and effective tips for advanced learning from expert practitioners and leaders who work with gifted students. Each chapter begins with a brief exploration of an issue or concept, followed by a series of related strategies and ideas, and ends with delightful, joyful stories from a variety of dedicated professionals in the field on what keeps them going through hard days.

This uplifting collection is a must-read for new teachers excited about their upcoming journey, as well as experienced educators and administrators looking to reinvigorate their practice.

Preface  1. This Work  2. The Talent Scout  3. Nurturing and Developing Talent  4. Breaking Down Equity Barriers  5. The Whole Gifted Child  6. The Importance of Educator Growth  7. The Advocate  8. Looking through the Lens of Potential  Biographies of Contributors