First published in 1923, The Truth about Mesopotamia, Palestine & Syria presents a comprehensive overview of what may be called the Arab or Middle Eastern problem in the earlier part of the twentieth century. Drawing from official publications and first-hand experience in the Middle East, J. de V. Loder discusses themes like the origins of the Arab movement; conditions in the Arab countries under Allied Occupation until the end of 1918; the activities of the Peace Conference and their repercussion in the Arab countries during 1919; Arab nationalism in Syria and Mesopotamia; and the relations between Arabs and Jews in Palestine. With a foreword by Lord Robert Cecil, this book is an important historical document and will be of interest to scholars and researchers of Middle East studies, British foreign policy, and international relations.

chapter Chapter I|21 pages

The Arabs and the War

chapter Chapter IV|15 pages

Arab Nationalism and the French in Syria

chapter Chapter V|18 pages

Arab Nationalism and the British in Mesopotamia

chapter Chapter VI|30 pages

British, Arabs and Jews in Palestine

chapter Chapter VII|23 pages

Mandates, Treaties and Conclusions