This book demonstrates how creative research methods can be used to better understand the experiences of children, particularly in the context of sport, physical activity and health.

Extending recent developments in arts-based methods, mobile digital ethnographic methods, participatory visual methods and autoethnography in research with children, the book focuses on British Chinese children – an often-neglected group in research studies – providing new perspectives on diversity and inclusion, innovative research methods and the Chinese diaspora. The book draws on concepts from health and physical education, sport, sociology, and psycho-social studies to shed new light on social dynamics, cultural diversities and contextual changes in British Chinese children’s health-related experiences. It shows how globalisation and international mobility has complicated diversity and difference in the Chinese diaspora, and how creative research methods and reflexivity can be powerful tools for unlocking our understanding of children’s everyday lives.

This is fascinating and useful reading for any researcher or advanced student with an interest in innovative research methods, sport, physical activity, health, migration and diaspora studies, childhood and youth studies.

chapter Chapter 2|17 pages


Migration and Ethnic and Race Relations

chapter Chapter 3|20 pages

Arts-Based Method

Coproducing Research with Children

chapter Chapter 4|17 pages

Mobile Digital Ethnography

Independence and Mobility

chapter Chapter 5|21 pages

Participatory Visual Research


chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

Future Directions in Theory, Research and Practice