This new edition of an internationally renowned classic book provides a new comprehensive framework of latest perspectives and findings, fills gaps in the ongoing research, policy and practice, and re-engineers a school-based mechanism for understanding and managing school-based development initiatives. The book addresses the burning issues about how school-based management (SBM) and school effectiveness should be related to the new paradigm in education and the third wave of education reforms worldwide.

The book includes four parts and 12 chapters covering (1) School Effectiveness (i.e., multiple school functions, models of effectiveness and pursuit of dynamic effectiveness); (2) SBM (i.e., theories of SBM, multi-level self-management (SM), and its implementation); (3) Leadership for Change (i.e., leadership for SBM, staff development, school-based change, and curriculum change); and (4) Future Developments (i.e., an SBM mechanism for effectiveness and paradigm shift towards the third wave).

The framework and related analysis will benefit the understanding, policy formulation, school practice and research of the key stakeholders including policy makers, educators, change agents, researchers and those concerned in facing the challenges from the ongoing education reforms in different parts of the world.

part Part I|54 pages

School effectiveness

chapter 21|17 pages

Multiple school functions

chapter 2|19 pages

Models of school effectiveness

chapter 3|16 pages

Pursuit of dynamic school effectiveness

part Part II|98 pages

School-based mechanism

chapter 564|31 pages

Theory of school-based management

chapter 5|20 pages

Multi-level self-management

chapter 6|26 pages

Implementation of self-management

chapter 7|19 pages

A school-based mechanism for development

part Part III|118 pages

Leadership for change

part Part IV|21 pages

Future developments