Providing a concise toolbox for publishing professionals and students of publishing, this book explores the skills needed to master the key elements of social media marketing and therefore stay relevant in this ever-competitive industry.

Taking a hands-on, practical approach, Social Media Marketing for Book Publishers covers topics including researching and identifying actionable insights, developing a strategy, producing content, promotion types, community building, working with influencers, and how to measure success. Pulling from years of industry experience, the authors’ main focus is on adult fiction publishing, but they also address other areas of the industry including children’s, young adult (YA), academic, and non-fiction. The book additionally brings in valuable voices from the wider digital marketing industries, featuring excerpts from interviews with experts across search engine optimisation (SEO), AdWords, social platforms, community management, influencer management, and content strategists.

Social Media Marketing for Book Publishers is a key text for any publishing courses covering how to market books, and should find a place on every publishers' bookshelf.

chapter |6 pages


What Is Digital and Social Marketing?

chapter 1|10 pages

Author Brands

chapter 2|22 pages

Research & Identifying Insights

chapter 3|36 pages

Master Social Strategy (MSS)

chapter 4|8 pages

Campaign and Evergreen Strategies

chapter 5|8 pages

Creative Ideation

chapter 6|14 pages


chapter 7|28 pages

Paid Media Promotion

chapter 8|15 pages

Community Building

chapter 9|9 pages


chapter 10|18 pages

Reporting/Metrics and Success

chapter 11|2 pages