What makes the procurement of design and construction services different from the procurement of goods and services? Construction projects tend to be bigger, more expensive, more complex, and often more challenging than other procurements. In this timely new book, author John Adler outlines the design and construction procurement process step by step. He captures the procurement approaches for design and construction that have dominated the industry during the past two decades, including Design-Build, Construction Manager/General Contractor, and Public-Private Partnerships. John explores these and other approaches from practical and public procurement best practice perspectives, examining the inherent advantages and disadvantages of each approach and capturing recommended policies and procedures. Topics covered include:

• The most common project risks and how responsibility for those risks is allocated through design and construction contracts
• Steps in the project planning process, including capital planning, project management, budgeting processes, and financing tools for construction projects
• Construction project delivery methods, including the traditional Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, Construction Manager at Risk, Job Order Contracting, and Public-Private Partnerships
• Qualifications-based selection for design and architectural services and the administration of design contracts
• How to select a construction contractor
• Contract administration for construction projects
• An overview of social, environmental, and economic issues in design and construction

Contracting for Design and Construction Services in the Public Sector is an easy and entertaining read for public procurement practitioners, ranging from entry-level practitioners to seasoned professionals and managers. It’s an important book for public sector project management, construction, and design professionals, as well as businesses wishing to market construction and design services to state and local governments. The text may also serve as a supplemental resource for undergraduate public procurement and supply chain students.

1. Introduction  2. Public Design and Construction Contract Risks  3. Planning and Budgeting  4. Construction Project Delivery Methods  5. Qualification-Based Selection of Professional Services  6. Construction Contract Procurement  7. Construction Contract Administration  8. Construction Procrurement Environmental and Social Responsibility