Gain the essential skills of a professional grip to become the jack and master of all trades on any movie or television show set. This new edition has been fully updated and revised and will enable aspiring and professional grips to discover vital insider tips ranging from how to operate cutting-edge rigging and lighting equipment to performing difficult camera mounts on aircraft, boats, trains, and cars.

Seasoned Hollywood grip Michael G. Uva teaches you to install, set up, maintain, and ensure the safety of all equipment on a set, such as C-stands, cameras, and any specialty gear needed for a shoot. Expanded content on navigating the set, including set etiquette and how to succeed as a technical crew member, will jump-start your career and make you a valuable asset on any film or television crew. This seventh edition has been updated to include the latest technology, further explanations of equipment and how to use it for those new to the role, a new chapter on working as a grip on virtual sets. Other features include technical expertise on maintaining the latest and greatest filmmaking equipment; a self-test section containing over one hundred questions and answers; a comprehensive appendix containing a robust glossary of insider and equipment terms; and guidelines on what a grip has to be physically able to perform in their day-to-day duties.

The book is ideal for the aspiring or working grip to use on the role, as well as aspiring students looking to break into the industry.


Introduction  1. Basic Essential Equipment  2. Expendables  3. Knots  4. Basic Tool Descriptions  5. Truck Order Form (Basic)  6. Green and Blue Screens  7. Mounts  8. Cranes  9. Condors and Lifts  10. Walkies  11. T.O.T.S. (Tricks Of The Trade)  12. F.A.C.T.S.  13. Fly Swatter  14. Chain Motors  15. Virtual Sets  16. Fluid Heads  17. Field Operations  18. Grip Tests  19. Terms  20. Glossary  21. Index