Driving a shift in the way we think about entrepreneurial and teacher education, this book invites teachers to think and act as entrepreneurial innovators and lead meaningful change in everyday school contexts.

How to Become an Entrepreneurial Teacher takes teachers through theory, entrepreneurial techniques, reflective practice and learning experiences, which can be applied to schools from K-12. Adopting an entrepreneurial ethos, orientated toward action for making change happen, this book illustrates pathways to transform the everyday professional work of teachers. It introduces teachers to entrepreneurial thinking, explains the benefits of this approach to teaching practice and outlines how this way of thinking can influence and promote innovation and change across a school. The final chapters present case studies of entrepreneurial teaching in practice, sharing the experiences of both new and established teachers who have adopted this approach.

This book will inspire and empower teachers to enact change for the benefit of their students and is essential reading for teachers and school leaders at all stages of their career.

Part 1: Introduction 1. Why become an entrepreneurial teacher? Part 2: How Teachers Learn Entrepreneurial Thinking 2. Embracing risk and productive failure 3. Harnessing values and value creation 4. Transformation through reflection Part 3. How to Influence School Innovation 5. Creating ideas for innovation 6. Collaboration, engagement, and problem solving 7. Teachers as leaders 8. Leading through innovative ecosystems Part 4: Case Studies: Being Innovative, Leading Change 9. Innovation infusion 10. Perpetual innovation 11. Innovative ecosystems in motion Part 4: Making It Happen 12. Next Steps, Next Practice