This unique text offers a holistic, insightful and timely exploration of sustainable practices across the fashion industry.

The book takes the reader logically through each part of the authors’ new Responsible 9 Framework™, providing a clear perspective and examples for each component. The framework thoroughly explains the move away from a singular product commercial focus to a Conscious Item approach and Circular Services business mindset. An organisation’s people are at the heart of the new framework and have therefore been rebranded as Community. Next addressed is the Perceived Value of an item or brand, and how sustainable pricing initiatives actively influence consumer purchase. Insights into Accountable Systems are reviewed to examine the importance of responsible processes when considering and integrating a successful, sustainable supply chain into a fashion business. The section on Governance looks at the different global organisations available to fashion brands and customers alike, which support their transition into a responsible and sustainable future existence. The last two sections of the framework are labelled Storytelling Platforms and Honest Communication, where transparent and honest strategies are highlighted and discussed from a viewpoint of how modern brands are engaging and connecting to the new conscious consumer. For each of the nine aspects, contemporary case studies from global brands such as Stella McCartney, Zalando and Arc'teryx, alongside insights from current, leading experts within the fashion world, bring the theory to life.

Showing how sustainability has been integrated throughout the entirety of the fashion business, this textbook is perfect for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students Fashion Management, Fashion Brand Management and Fashion Marketing, as well as reflective leaders and practitioners within the industry.

chapter |15 pages


Responsible fashion business practice and The Responsible 9 Framework

chapter Chapter 1|26 pages

The Responsible 9 Framework

#1 = Conscious Item

chapter Chapter 2|29 pages

The Responsible 9 Framework

#2 = Circular Services

chapter Chapter 3|19 pages

The Responsible 9 Framework

#3 = Community

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

The Responsible 9 Framework

#4 = Perceived Value

chapter Chapter 5|22 pages

The Responsible 9 Framework

#5 = Accountable Systems

chapter Chapter 6|11 pages

The Responsible 9 Framework

#6 = Green Environment

chapter Chapter 7|16 pages

The Responsible 9 Framework

#7 = Governance

chapter Chapter 8|27 pages

The Responsible 9 Framework

#8 = Honest Communication

chapter Chapter 9|22 pages

The Responsible 9 Framework

#9 = Storytelling Platforms

chapter |5 pages