Businesses must stay agile and be responsive to the complexities and disruptions brought about by digital transformation. The recent pandemic has also accelerated business digitization. Packed with insights and strategies, this book breaks down the roadmap to organizational success into core areas. It explains how companies can adapt, prepare, and optimize their business performance through strategic positioning, business sustainability, and crisis management.

Rajaram describes strategic positioning as a mix of strategies for organizations to gain competitive advantage and ensure long-term success. He also talks about business sustainability and explores how organizations need to re-innovate their approaches to tap into opportunities created by the rapid changing customer needs and evolving environmental interventions. The book also illustrates how companies can navigate out of a crisis successfully.

This book will be an excellent, essential guide for leaders, practitioners, and anyone who is formulating effective organizational strategies.

part 1|68 pages

Strategic Positioning and Transformation

chapter Chapter 1|25 pages

Leadership and the Future of Work

chapter Chapter 2|16 pages

Value Creation Innovative Culture

chapter Chapter 3|24 pages

Re-strategizing with Re-value Proposition

part 2|60 pages

Business Sustainability and Future Markets

chapter Chapter 4|20 pages

Re-assessing and Re-innovating Business Strategy

chapter Chapter 5|24 pages

Corporate Governance and Ethics

chapter Chapter 6|14 pages

Agile to Digitalization and Technological Change

part 3|52 pages

Navigating Through Successfully in Crisis Management

chapter Chapter 7|18 pages

Leadership Competencies for Crisis Management

chapter Chapter 9|16 pages

Re-strategize and Prepare for Future Business