This book is an exploration of intentional listening as an essential skill for coaches. It introduces the Head, Heart, and Hands Listening model as a vital tool to amplify effective listening in coaching practice.

Accessible and applicable, the book explores the three listening modalities of Head, Heart, and Hands as active, though largely unconscious, lenses that inform the potency of our listening. Dakin-Neal argues that once coaches identify ‘how’ they listen, they can assist their clients in more targeted ways to positively impact their personal and professional lives. Chapters are divided into the three listening modalities, Head, Heart, and Hands, and are filled with case studies, stories, reflective questions and exercises from the author’s experience to help coaches’ strengthen their listening skills. The book also includes a comprehensive listening assessment for coaches to use in practice.

This book is essential reading for coaches in practice and in training as well as organizational psychologists, HR professionals, and those working within corporations.

Part 1: Learning to Pay a New Kind of Attention 1. Dave’s Story: The limits of traditional leadership listening 2. Obstacles to Listening: What gets in the way Part 2: Listening Styles: Head Listening 3. Todd’s Story: The Game is Key 4. Gretchen’s Story: It’s Not Just the Content 5 Gabe’s Story: No Joy on the Dean’s List 6. Theresa’s Story: Do You Hear What I Hear? 7. A Standardized Patient Story: The Limits of Data Saturation Part 3: Heart Listening: The Truth Beneath the Words 8. A Playback Story: Listening on Steroids 9. Abbie’s Story: The Best Defense against Anger and Ignorance 10. Richard’s Story: Empathy Turns the Tables 11. Building Trust When the Stakes are High 12. Brandi’s Story: Listening to Survive - and Decide 13. Confirmation Bias & Heart Listening: A Recycle Story 14. Maya’s Story: Challenging Limiting Self Perceptions Part 4: Hand Listening: The Problem Detective 15. Self Discovery 16. Trevor’s Story: Getting a Read on the Dream 17. Creativity: Data + Passion = Innovation 18. Ian’s Story: Creativity in the Everyday 19. Ruthie’s Story: Listening to the Internal Voice 20. Craig’s Story: Make Shift Coffee House 21. Tanya’s Story: Going to the Dogs 22. Hands Listening Heads Up: The Con Artist Part 5: Listening Inside and Out 23. Discover Your Listening Modalities: The Assessment 24. Conclusion: Listening in a Larger Sphere