This book offers a creative and practical guide for K-6 teachers on how to effectively integrate movement into the curriculum to increase student engagement, deepen learning, improve retention, and get kids moving during the school day.

Chapters offer concrete ideas for integrating creative movement and theater into subjects such as math, science, literacy, and social studies.  Drawing on two decades of experience, Dr. Becker outlines key skills, offers rich examples, and provides adaptable and flexible classroom tested lesson plans that align with Common Core Standards, the NGSS, C3 Social Studies Standards, and the National Core Arts Standards. Activities are grounded in arts integration, which is steadily gaining interest in school reform as an effective teaching strategy that increases student outcomes academically and socially—particularly effective for students who have traditionally been marginalized.

This book will benefit practicing educators who want to invigorate their practice, preservice teachers who want to expand their toolkit, and school leaders looking to employ policies that support movement and arts during the school day. Jump in and get your kids Learning Through Movement and see how active and engaging learning can be!

chapter 1|25 pages


Let's Get This Moving!

chapter 2|25 pages

Getting Ready to Move

chapter 3|27 pages

Setting the Stage for Success

chapter 4|31 pages

Leaping for Literacy

chapter 5|31 pages

Moving Through History

chapter 6|24 pages

Moving Math

chapter 7|28 pages

Science in Motion

Don't Lose STEAM!