This new edition of Professional and Business Communication is an ideal core communications textbook for students on business, management and professional courses preferring a practice-focused, and colloquial approach that combines accessibility with key theory. Techniques and processes detailed in the book include planning and preparing written communication, effective structures in documents, diverse writing styles, managing face-to-face interactions, using visual aids, delivering presentations, and organizing effective meetings.

The third edition of this popular text has been thoroughly revised and updated to cover the dramatic shifts in communication practices that have been driven by remote working and increased technology use. It explores the current and likely future impact of these changes on communication practices, both for good (border lessness; flexibility) and bad (isolation; burnout; fatigue) and looks at contemporary trends and future developments. This edition has also been revised to include even more examples, cases, tasks, activities and discussion topics, with pedagogical features designed to aid international students. This popular text (and the accompanying website) will continue to support students on business, management and professional courses for years to come.

Table of Contents

Part 1: How do we understand and analyse the ways we Communicate in Organisations

Chapter 1: Developing your Communication: Deciding where to start

Chapter 2: How should we analyse communication?

Chapter 3: What does communication mean?

Chapter 4: Communication Context 1: Culture and Structure

Chapter 5: Communication Context 2: The New Technology Landscape


Part 2: Presenting Information: Effective Methods and Media

Chapter 6: Planning and Organising Professional Written Communication

Chapter 7: Effective Writing Style

Chapter 8: Effective Design and Visual Aids

Chapter 9: Effective Documents for the Future


Part 3: Effective Interpersonal and Group Communication

Chapter 10: Effective Interpersonal Communication

Chapter 11: Interpersonal Skills in Practice

Chapter 12: Effective Meetings

Chapter 13: Effective Presentations

Chapter 14: Effective Teams


Part 4: Future-Gazing

Chapter 15: Change and Future-Gazing

Chapter 16: Planning your Future