Drawing on Australian and international research, this book presents teaching and support strategies for educators to be responsive to the particular learning needs of each of their students and deliver quality inclusive education in a sustainable way.

Based on the Responsive Teaching Framework, an instructionally-focused approach for teaching that is evidence-based, purposeful, and responsive to students' learning needs, this book assists teachers to build on their current capabilities and strengthen their expertise to ensure that every student in their classrooms can be an effective learner. Part I of the book explains the theoretical and practical basis of Sustainable Learning as a way of thinking about inclusive education through a focus on responsive teaching. Part II unpacks each of the eight steps of the Responsive Teaching Framework. These chapters focus on the reflective questions that guide responsive practice, from whole class and individual student perspectives, outlining practical strategies that can be used, as well as the assessment practices and evidence-gathering needed to support each step of the responsive teaching process. Part III examines the influences that school leaders have on inclusive practice and proposes a Responsive Leadership Framework (RLF). The RLF aligns with the Responsive Teaching Framework to provide a shared language and deepen understanding of Responsive Teaching for Sustainable Learning.

Written for practising educators, school leaders, and postgraduate students, Responsive Teaching for Sustainable Learning delivers models for inclusive, sustainable teaching practice in an easily accessible format.

part I|48 pages

The foundations of responsive teaching for sustainable learning

chapter 1|11 pages

Sustainable learning

chapter 2|8 pages

The responsive teaching framework

chapter 3|12 pages

Evidence-based practice

chapter 4|15 pages

Layers of responsive teaching

part II|139 pages

Using the responsive teaching framework

part III|20 pages

Leadership for responsive teaching and sustainable learning

chapter 13|10 pages

Leadership principles

chapter 14|8 pages

The responsive leadership framework