This book presents the most comprehensive mapping and analysis of women’s football in Oceania and is the first to examine the game’s historical development alongside social, political and cultural issues, weaving origin stories with players’ day-to-day challenges.

Alongside presentation of the contemporary state of play and its overarching narrative of women’s game in the region, the book highlights key issues, discusses established and emergent themes, examines relevant contexts, investigates the status of the game at local and national levels and lays foundations for further research. Its primary objective is to detail and illustrate the historical, social, and organisational development of the women’s game, including international tournaments, national competitions, and teams in an effort to amplify the efforts of the individuals that made or make a significant contribution to the game. It draws on extensive formal and informal discussion, realises insight, proposes the means and related fields of further investigation and generates new knowledge alongside the uncovering of old.

Women’s Football in Oceania covers key events, actors and moments and fills a gap in research for scholars of sports history and women’s history.

    1. Contexts in Women’s Soccer in Oceania  2. Football Histories  3. Women’s Football in Australasia  4. Women’s Football in Melanesia  5. Women’s Football in Micronesia  6. Women’s Football in Polynesia  7. The Future of Women’s Football in Oceania