To get the complete Idioms for Inclusivity experience, this book can be purchased alongside four others as a set, Idioms for Inclusivity: Fostering Belonging with Language, 978-1-032-28635-8.

Informed by sociolinguistic research, yet written accessibly, Talk It Out challenges readers to investigate disagreeing with someone as it relates to both language-use and inclusivity.

This engaging and delightfully illustrated book invites students to engage with concepts such as:

  • the cultural meaning of the idiom "talk it out"
  • Facework and Politeness Theory, two frameworks that linguists use to research and understand disagreements
  • why it can be so hard to like someone who disagrees with you
  • why the expectation to "talk it out" could make someone feel excluded
  • and how understanding the way language works can help us learn to be more inclusive.

Featuring practical inclusivity tips related to integrating learning into daily conversations, this enriching curriculum supplement can be used in a Language Arts setting to learn about figurative language; in a Social Studies setting to discuss diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging; or as an introduction to linguistics for students ages 7-14.

1. About This Book  2. How To Use This Book in Your Teaching Practice  3. Glossary  4. The Idiom  5. The Linguistic Theory  6. The Inclusive Solution  7. Practical Language Tips  8. Bibliography  9. Meet the Author and Illustrator