Originally published in 1937 and written by de Kiewiet who in his lifetime was recognized as one of the premier historians of British imperial policy and African history, this book covers the years 1871-1885 in South Africa’s history, discussing racial, social and economic issues. These cover the initiation and collapse of Lord Carnarvon’s confederation policy, the annexation and the retrocession of the Transvaal, the Sekukuni, Zulu and Cape-Bastuto wars, the last of the nine Kaffir wars on the Eastern frontier of the Cape, the creation of the (then) Basutoland Protectorate and the development of the Kimberley diamond mines. Using original source material such as the Colonial Office Departmental minutes, he considers and explains the British policy.

chapter Chapter I|11 pages


chapter Chapter II|19 pages

A House Divided

chapter Chapter III|29 pages

Quasi Crown Colonies

chapter Chapter IV|33 pages

A Bundle of Sticks

chapter Chapter V|32 pages

The Annexation of the Transvaal

chapter Chapter VI|23 pages

Sir Bartle Frere

chapter Chapter VII|17 pages

The Economics of War

chapter Chapter VIII|18 pages

Politicians in Uniform

chapter Chapter IX|27 pages

Land and Landlessness

chapter Chapter X|36 pages

The Zulu War

chapter Chapter XI|43 pages

Midlothian and Majuba

chapter Chapter XII|40 pages

The Imperial Factor