This book studies digital feminist activism in contemporary India. It provides a close and comprehensive analysis of the postmillennial digital moment in India which has given rise to new modes of women’s digital dissent. The volume examines how anti-rape narratives, Feminichy scandals, #MeToo movements, and menstrual activisms, amongst a host of other performative feminist dissent and their discursive medialities create ‘affective digital feminisms’ which both break with and continue the residual and emergent practices within feminisms in India. It looks at digital womanspeak from India and focuses on vernacular forms of dissent, through which the author aims to decolonize feminist imaginaries from their moorings in the West. The author explores new digital, cultural, and social geographies where politically untamed women use their precarity to unsettle deep sexist structures and mount a gendered critique of the political economy of the nation state.


An important contribution to the study of feminism in India, the volume will be useful for students and researchers of gender and women’s studies, cultural studies, digital sociology, intersectional feminism, transnational feminism, digital humanities, and South Asian studies. It will also be appeal to readers interested in the history of women’s dissent in India.

chapter 1|50 pages

Intimate Rebels

Affective Feminisms in Digital India

chapter 2|66 pages

Who Is Afraid of the Raped Woman in India?

Feminist Counterpublics in Cyberspace

chapter 3|56 pages

Rise of the Feminichi

Exorcizing the Feminist Digital Devil

chapter 4|56 pages

Sacred Masculinities, Feminist Pilgrimages

The Many Modernities of Digital Menarchy

chapter |6 pages


Postscript: Intimate Rebels