The Student Wellbeing Toolkit puts wellbeing at the centre of your journey into university and beyond. By encouraging self-efficacy and a focus on the things you can control, it provides clear guidance to enhance wellbeing and opportunities for self-reflection that help develop self-awareness and prosocial skills for life.

Offering an accessible toolkit of strategies, activities and tips this fantastic, accessible resource considerers wellbeing within six main areas:

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Socio-emotional wellbeing
  • Intellectual wellbeing
  • Environmental wellbeing
  • Occupational wellbeing
  • Financial wellbeing

Drawing on research-evidenced theories around positive psychology, theories of learning, motivation and self-development, the book explores what, how and why these areas are key to our wellbeing and the rationale for taking them into account to enable you to flourish and thrive at university.

1. Introduction: preparing for your learning journey  2. The foundations of wellbeing  3. Physical wellbeing: taking care of our bodies  4. Socio-emotional wellbeing: happy me, happy you  5. Intellectual wellbeing: exercising our mind  6. Environmental wellbeing: interacting with your surroundings  7. Occupational wellbeing: finding your purpose  8. Financial wellbeing: managing your money  9. Conclusion and looking to the future