Written by a teacher for teachers, Teaching Resilience and Mental Health Across the Curriculum is an integrative approach to pedagogy for educators at the high school and college level to survive, thrive, and sustain in the profession. Blending theory, research, and practice for a comprehensive program for teachers to incorporate well-being tools into the classroom, each of the book’s five foundations includes engaging information, strategies, real-world examples, interactive reflection questions, and activities that can be directly applied to teaching and life.

Practical guidance in designing real-world curriculum is offered alongside accessible strategies for engagement, investment, and active learning in student-centered classrooms. An essential guide for teachers, it includes techniques for incorporating well-being that are grounded in culturally responsive teaching, trauma-informed instruction, mental health, resilience, and emotional literacy. Teachers will also gain insight on how to make the career sustainable through practices for self-compassion and authentic self-care so they can not only survive, but flourish in and out of school. For all the challenges that students and teachers face, this book defines what it means, and what it takes, to teach in today’s classrooms.

chapter 1|33 pages

Foundation 1: Purpose

chapter 2|25 pages

Foundation 2: Investment

chapter 3|24 pages

Foundation 3: Relevance

chapter 4|29 pages

Foundation 4: Mental Health

chapter 5|28 pages

Foundation 5: Resilience