The Kinderchat Guide to Elementary School Projects takes the structure, philosophy, and child-centered, playful approach to learning most commonly seen in early childhood and shares how to scale and apply for the wider elementary school community. From one of the founders of the popular online Kinderchat group, this book shows how inviting play into academic learning forms an essential "back and forth" between application and skill development. Learn how to foster discovery, playfulness, imagination, and spontaneity into the elementary school academic curriculum, while keeping skills in the foreground. Offering lesson plans, scaffolded implementation techniques and methodologies, these unique and approachable projects are ready to use by in-service elementary educators, seasoned professionals, and school leaders.

chapter |5 pages

Introduction and Getting Started

chapter 2|46 pages

The Town and Neighborhood

chapter 3|67 pages

Civics and Society

chapter 4|27 pages

Nature and the World

Science and Movement

chapter 5|21 pages

Working Together in the Digital World