Global Heating and the Australian Far Right examines the environmental politics of far-right actors and movements in Australia, exploring their broader political context and responses to climate change.

The book traces the development of far-right pseudo-environmentalism and territorial politics, from colonial genocide and Australian nationalism to extreme-right political violence. Through a critical analysis of news and social media, it reveals how denialist and resignatory attitudes towards climate change operate alongside extreme right accelerationism, in a wider Australian political context characterised by reactionary fossil fuel politics and neoliberal New Right climate change agendas. The authors scrutinise the manipulation of environmental politics by contemporary Australian far- and extreme-right actors in cross-national online media. They also assess the political-ideological context of the contemporary far right, addressing intergovernmental approaches to security threats connected to the far right and climate change, and the emergence of radical environmentalist traditions in ‘New Catastrophism’ literature. The conclusion synthesises key insights, analysing the mainstreaming of ethnonationalist and authoritarian responses to global heating, and potential future trajectories of far-right movements exploiting the climate crisis. It also emphasises the necessity for radical political alternatives to counter the far right’s exploitation of climate change.

This book will be of interest to researchers of climate change, the far right, neoliberal capitalism, extremism and Australian politics.

chapter 2|36 pages

A heated Australian landscape

Histories of environmental politics on the far right

chapter 3|55 pages

Ecofascism online

Australian far-right actors' use of environmental politics on cross-national media

chapter 4|40 pages

Newsmaking on the environment

Climate change resignation and denial in the Australian media

chapter 5|38 pages

New Catastrophism and the Environment–Security–Development nexus

Programming and advocacy during the climate crisis

chapter 6|29 pages

Far-right (anti-)environmentalism in the post-truth era

Global networks and future directions