Embark on a journey of discovery by connecting with the five senses in this 30-lesson interdisciplinary science unit geared toward the fourth and fifth grade.

Students will use their senses as a springboard to explore advanced concepts such as the science behind cooking, optical illusions, musical instruments, and more. They will learn to distinguish between physical and chemical changes, describe the movement of sound waves, classify optical illusions, and evaluate the validity of their discoveries through unique problem-based learning tasks. Featuring detailed teacher instructions, daily reflection activities, and reproducible handouts, this unit makes it easy for teachers to adjust the rigor of learning tasks based on students’ interests and needs.

Aligned with Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics and Next Generation Science Standards, both gifted and non-gifted teachers alike will find this unit engaging, effective, and highly adaptable.

part 1|48 pages

The Chemistry of Cooking

chapter Lesson 1|6 pages

Defining Discovery

chapter Lesson 2|4 pages

What Matters About Matter

chapter Lesson 3|4 pages

Doing the Neutron Dance

chapter Lesson 4|4 pages

A Tsunami of Umami

chapter Lesson 5|6 pages

Finding Fake Foods

chapter Lesson 6|4 pages

You Smell Like a Wolf

chapter Lesson 7|4 pages

Mixing Up Mixtures and Compounds

chapter Lesson 8|4 pages

An Appetite for Acids

chapter Lesson 9|4 pages

Creating a Chemical Change

chapter Lesson 10|6 pages

A Nose in Need

part 2|38 pages

The Physics of Sound

chapter Lesson 11|4 pages

Verifying Vibrations

chapter Lesson 12|6 pages

Buzzing With Excitement

chapter Lesson 13|6 pages

How Low Can You Go?

chapter Lesson 14|6 pages

Pinna Predictions

chapter Lesson 15|6 pages

Composing for a Cup Concert

chapter Lesson 16|4 pages

A Decibel Dilemma

chapter Lesson 17|4 pages

The Noise Pollution Problem

part 3|24 pages

The Physiology of Optical Illusions

chapter Lesson 18|4 pages

Confusion in our Cranium

chapter Lesson 19|4 pages

The 3D Experience

chapter Lesson 20|4 pages

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

chapter Lesson 21|6 pages

Entering the Eye

chapter Lesson 22|4 pages

Seeking the Summit

part 4|18 pages

The Neurobiology of Our Skin

chapter Lesson 23|4 pages

It's Tickle Time

chapter Lesson 24|4 pages

Feeling Our Way Through Life

chapter Lesson 25|4 pages

Sunscreen Showdown

chapter Lesson 26|4 pages

Advice for a King

part 5|16 pages

Putting It All Together

chapter Lesson 27|6 pages

A Surprise in the Mail

chapter Lesson 28|4 pages

Return to Sender

chapter Lesson 29|2 pages

Feedback From a Friend

chapter Lesson 30|2 pages

A Senses Send-Off