Written for the businesswoman and professional, this book offers insights and guidance on making the right decisions about career paths and shows ways to strategically prepare for a career transition, be it a promotion, change of sector, setting up one’s own business or even changing careers altogether.

Women are looking more and more at a change of work set-up (to ‘at home’ and hybrid models) and what they want out of their careers and wider life. In easy-to-follow steps, this book demystifies the unwritten rules of making a successful career transition. The reader is provided with a highly practical guide to navigating professional changes at all career points and of all types – as well as a toolkit to facilitate the practice of these new skills and approaches. The book encourages professional women to stop, reflect, and do the groundwork on where they want their career to go. It provides the tools to identify what they want, prepare for change, and cultivate the necessary skills and self-confidence key to a successful career transition.

The insights and actionable steps contained in this book make it an invaluable resource for professional women looking to achieve success and navigate the transitional stages of their career, re-enter the workplace after a career break, or who simply want to develop the tools and skills to make smart career moves.

part I|22 pages

Identifying what you want and making it happen

part II|31 pages

Preparing for change

part III|73 pages

Getting to where you want to go and cultivating the skills that underpin successful career transitions

chapter 8|12 pages

Learning the new

chapter 9|10 pages

The people factor

chapter 11|9 pages

Getting support

chapter 12|16 pages

Moving into power

chapter 13|4 pages

Planning your future career development

part IV|15 pages

Believing in yourself

chapter 15|8 pages

Practising being who you are