First published in 1981, In A Glamourous Fashion is not only a fascinating look at film fashion portraying the glamour and glitter of Hollywood’s heyday; but is also an invaluable reference source for any student of the film, of costume, or of the social history. It documents some of the best work of the designers – names like Adrian, Cecil Beaton, Edith Head – but tells the often-dramatic story of their careers and their relationships with legendary stars such as Garbo, Dietrich, Monroe and many more. Here are the stories behind the screen’s most famous costumes: Walter Plunkett’s ‘curtain dress’ for Scarlett O’Hara; the red Jezebel gown Orry-Kelly designed for Bette Davis; the slinky back satin sheath Rita Hayworth wore in Gilda; and the extravagant gown – ₤ 15, 000 worth of mink – worn by Ginger Rogers in Lady in the Dark. The photographs and original sketches are an essential and decorative complement to the text; there is an index, bibliography, and a full list of Academy Award winners for costume design.

part One|158 pages

The Setting

chapter 1|12 pages

The Beginnings Of An Industry

The Early Twentieth Century

chapter 2|12 pages

The Creation Of Hollywood

Into the Twenties

chapter 3|72 pages

The Classic ERA


chapter 4|18 pages

Realism And Escapism

The Forties

chapter 5|20 pages

Innovations and a Dwindling Box Office

The Fifties

chapter 6|22 pages

The Rise Of The Independents

The Sixties and Seventies

part Two|87 pages

The Designers

chapter |8 pages



chapter |12 pages

Travis Banton


chapter |10 pages

Cecil Beaton


chapter |12 pages

Howard Greer


chapter |10 pages

Edith Head

b. 1907

chapter |6 pages



chapter |8 pages



chapter |6 pages

Walter Plunkett


chapter |8 pages

Helen Rose

b. 1908

chapter |5 pages

Irene Sharaff

chapter |4 pages

Academyaward Winners Eor Costume Design