In the second edition of Uprooted Minds, Hollander offers a unique social psychoanalytic exploration of our increasingly destabilized political environment, augmented by her research into the previously untold history of psychoanalytic engagement in the challenging social issues of our times.  

Often akin to a political thriller, Hollander’s social psychoanalytic analysis of the devastating effects of group trauma is illuminated through testimonials by U.S. and South American psychoanalysts who have survived the vicissitudes of their countries’ authoritarian political regimes and destabilizing economic crises. Hollander encourages reflections about our experience as social/psychological subjects through her elaboration of the reciprocal impact of social power, hegemonic ideology, large group dynamics and unconscious processes. Her epilogue, written a decade after the first edition of Uprooted Minds, extends its themes to the present period, arguing for a decolonial psychoanalysis that addresses coloniality and White supremacy as the latent forces responsible for our deepening political crises and environmental catastrophe. She shows how the progressive psychoanalytic activism she depicts in the book that was on the margins of the profession has in the last decade moved increasingly to the centre of psychoanalytic theory and praxis.

This book will prove essential for those at work or interested in the fields of psychoanalysis, politics, economics, globalisation and history.

Foreword by Daniel José Gaztambide Núñez  Introduction  1. Scared Stiff: Social Trauma and the Post-9/11 Political Culture  2. Political Culture and Psychoanalysis in the Southern Cone: Coming Attractions of the Dirty Wars  3. A Psychoanalysis for Tumultuous Times: The Psyche and Social Revolution  4. The Psychosocial Dynamics of State Terror  5. The Culture of Fear and Social Trauma  6. Exile: Paradoxes of Loss and Creativity  7. Neoliberal Democracy in Latin America: Impunity and Economic Meltdown  8. U.S. Neoliberal / Neoconservative Democracy: Psychoanalysis Without the Couch  9. Impunity and Resistance: Saving Democracy in the Heart of Empire  10. The Future's Uprooted Minds  Epilogue: Decolonizing Society and Psychoanalysis