The second edition of this popular shortform book provides a concise expert summary of key issues in the theory and practice of the management of human resources (HR) – one of the most crucial drivers of organizational performance.

As human resource management strategies evolve over time, this new edition pays special regard to the HR challenges arising from radically altering contexts – economic, social, and technological. For example, the book examines research reports on the impact of the COVID pandemic and other disruptions to the global world of work. It assesses recent HR initiatives and priorities such as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and the HR implications of remote and hybrid working. The book evaluates contemporary critiques that HR practice and research can be part of the problem. In sum, the book offers a route map through the extensive terrain of contemporary research project findings.

Serving as a unique researcher’s guide, this concise book enables readers to develop their own ideas for future research and such is essential reading for management scholars and reflective practitioners.