This book examines Gandhi's idea of Swaraj as an alternative to the modern concept of political authority. It also introduces the readers with Gandhi’s ideas of moral interconnectedness and empathetic pluralism. It explores the Gandhian belief that ‘nonviolence’ as a moral and political concept is essentially the empowerment of the Other through spiritual and political realization of the self as a non-egocentric subject. Further, it highlights Swaraj as an act of conscience and therefore a transformative force, essential to the harmony between spirituality and politics.

The volume will be of great interest to scholars and researchers of philosophy, politics and South Asian Studies.

Introduction: Experimenting with Truth: The Nobility of Spirit 1. Politics with Conscience: Parrhesia and Maturity 2. Swaraj: Empathetic Emancipation and Common Humanity 3. Satyagraha: Socratic Self-examination and Nonviolent Citizenry 4. Anti-Political Politics and Integral Democracy 5. The Care of the World and Moral Obligation to Disobey Conclusion: Spirituality of Emancipation and the Otherness of the Other