This is the first full-length history of early Kashmir locating it beyond its regional context, from pre-history to the 13th century. Drawing on a variety of sources — including conventional archaeological and literary sources, as well as non-conventional sources like philology, toponym, surnames — it presents a connected history of early Kashmir over the longue duree. It also challenges tendencies towards nationalist historiographies of the region by situating it in the context of the shared histories of humanity. The volume will be of great interest to scholars and researchers of history, archaeology, and South Asian studies.

1. Introduction. 2. A Mosaic of Plural Sources: Immigrations, Interactions and the Cultural Foundations of Kashmir. 3. A World within a World: Encounters with Cosmopolitan Ecumenes and Transculturation (Greeks to Huns). 4. Empire at the Frontier: The Kashmir Empire and Cross-Cultural Networks (Karkotas to Loharas). 5. Shared History: Kashmir and the Immediate Borderlands. 6. Conclusion. Bibliography.