Helping students improve doesn't have to mean remediating their deficits. In this important book, Steven Baron shows the benefits of a strength-based approach that instead emphasizes students' assets and capabilities, making them feel more connected to teachers and peers and more engaged in learning.

You’ll learn practical, research-backed ways to help students of all grade levels identify and celebrate their strengths, develop self-confidence and a growth mindset, build intrinsic motivation, overcome a fear of making mistakes, manage their feelings, focus on gratitude, and more. You’ll also discover ways to create a more strength-based Individual Education Plan (IEP), increase your own resilience as a teacher, and build a strength-based culture throughout your school and district.

The appendix provides a variety of exercises you can use to help students focus on their strengths, foster kindness, and understand the impact of bullying. Students spend approximately 1300 hours during the year with teachers; this resource will help you make this time as affirming as possible so students are ready to learn and grow.

chapter |6 pages


chapter 1|12 pages

What Unique Problems Do Teachers Face?

chapter 3|10 pages

What Is the Strength-Based Model?

chapter 6|32 pages

How To Become a Strength-Based Teacher

chapter 7|31 pages

Implications for the Future

Where Do We Go from Here?

chapter |2 pages

A Final Thought