Written by one of the world’s most respected care scholars, Revolutionary Care provides original theoretical insights and novel applications to offer a comprehensive approach to care as personal, political, and revolutionary. The text has nine chapters divided into two major sections. Section 1, "Thinking About Better Care," offers four theoretical chapters that reinforce the primacy of care as a moral ideal worthy of widespread commitment across ideological and cultural differences. Unlike other moral approaches, care is framed as a process morality and provides a general trajectory that can only determine the best course of action in the moment/context of need. Section 2, "Invitations and Provocations: Imagining Transformative Possibilities," employs four case studies on toxic masculinity, socialism and care economy, humanism and posthumanism, pacifism, and veganism to demonstrate the radical and revolutionary nature of care. Exploring the thinking and writing of many disciplines, including authors of color, queer scholars, and indigenous thinkers, this book is an exciting and cutting-edge contribution to care ethics scholarship as well as a useful teaching resource.

chapter |22 pages


Is Care a Radical Idea?

part Section 1|88 pages

Thinking about Better Care

chapter 1|20 pages

Good Care

chapter 2|21 pages

Care and Normativity

chapter 3|21 pages

A Categorical Commitment to Care

chapter 4|24 pages

A Care Ethos

part Section 2|113 pages

Invitations and Provocations

chapter 5|19 pages

Feminism and Resisting Toxic Masculinity

chapter 6|25 pages

Socialism and Creating a Care Economy

chapter 8|22 pages

Veganism and Post-Human Care

chapter |24 pages


Disponibilité, Moral Progress, and Revolution