In the second of this three-volume series, the authors expand on the theory and practice of systems psychodynamics - which integrates psychoanalytic thinking, open systems theory and complexity theory – in its applications to consultancy work in organisations and wider social contexts.

Multi-disciplinary and multi-theoretical in nature, the systems psychodynamics paradigm develops from the understanding that no single theory or approach explains the complex nature of organisational systems.Replete with explanations of key theories, practical guidance and exercises, this book demonstrates how systems psychodynamics can be used by consultants to plan and put into action organisational changes in four main areas: change planning and management; action, research and evaluation; leadership and whole systems; and professional development and next steps. In light of systems psychodynamics, rather than functioning as a leader of change processes, the role of an organisational development consultant is one of providing containment, understanding and facilitation for others to take up their leadership roles responsibly in their change processes.

With a focus on practical application in real situations, this book will be invaluable for psychoanalysts, managers, policy makers, consultants and researchers in a wide range of professional and clinical settings.

Foreword by James Krantz  Introduction  'Emergence'  Part One: Change  1. The Vicissitudes of Change  2. Socio-technical Systems and Change  3. Socio-technical Systems in the 21st Century (Part 1)  4. Socio-technical Systems in the 21st Century (Part 2)  Part Two: Action Research and Evaluation  5. The Application of Action Research  6. Evaluation of Systems Psychodynamics Activities: Approaches and Challenges  7. Planning and Conducting an Organisational Development Evaluation  8. Varieties of Action Research  Part Three: Leadership and Whole Systems  9. Socio-ecological: Working with Large Complex Collaborative Partnerships (Whole Systems)  10. Complexity Theory  11. The Systems Psychodynamics View of Leadership  12. Social Dreaming 13. Systems Psychodynamics and the Impact of Digitalisation, AI and Virtual Working on the Eco-system  Part Four: Systems Psychodynamics Developments, Definitions and Professional Development  14. Professional Development for Systems Psychodynamics Consultants  15. Systems Psychodynamics: Developments and Definitions  16. Theoretical  Developments in the Systems Psychodynamics Paradigm  Appendix I: Systems Psychodynamics: Organisational Resources  Appendix II: Literature Review on Systems Psychodynamics